deltaFSD is a data flow programming tool for modelling, simulation and automatic code generation. You define a program by linking the inputs and outputs of functions.

The current version of deltaFSD is a "proof of concept" version : V0.4

The main changes from V0.1 are:

  • The data files are now in an <xml> format
  • Compatibility with gtk/gdk library versions has been improved (this includes Cygwin compatibility)
  • The internal data structures have been modified
    1. to reflect the embedded implementation
    2. reduce memory consumption
    3. to reduce (slightly) the processing overhead

The main changes from V0.2 are:

  • Several more functions have been added (and some of the existing ones tidied up)
  • Improvements in the function definition process
  • Some changes to the "engine" to cope with recursive loops
  • A timer limits the rate at which the graphics is updated (the program still runs as fast as the processor will allow)
  • Some sample programs have been added to the release

The main changes from V0.3:

  • Some additional functions
         - including support for embedded Perl scripts
         - and a socket/stream interface
  • More samples - including PerlTk and Glade panels
  • Code for the main functions is now autogenerated
  • Changes to display update scheduling (preparatory to fully threaded operation)

You can download:

The sources

The sources with a static build

The preliminary user's manual, program samples and function quick reference should get you started on using deltaFSD.

The preliminary programmer's manual gives basic information on how it works.


    More information on the:

    and for the originators of deltaFSD:


deltaFSD is now a Sourceforge project

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