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Hybrid Vehicle Control

Control systems for hybrid vehicles represent a new set of challenges for the automotive software designer. DeDf's experience with hybrid applications allows us to provide solutions which maximize hybrid gains without impairing vehicle safety.

Maximizing hybrid vehicle's performance and economy relies on achieving the greatest contribution to acceleration and extracting the maximum energy through regenerative braking. In anything other than the mildest hybrid the electrical component to the hybrid will have a significant impact in both these areas. As a result failures in the hybrid control software can result in significant unexpected braking and acceleration. The operation of the vehicle's existing braking and engine management systems must be considered in both the overall design of the hybrid system and in the detailed requirement and reliability constraints placed upon the hybrid control software.

The cost and time required to produce safety critical software can be a major constraint on the implementation of hybrid vehicles. Optimizing the system design to minimize the amount of safety related software that needs to be written can make a significant impact - particularly when relatively small volumes of vehicles need to be produced quickly.

DeDf's experience in hybrid control allows us to design and implement systems which limit the impact on existing vehicle components so that development times are reduced and the impacts of adjustment and optimization of the control strategy are reduced.


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