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Project Management

DeDf's project management service is built on the foundations of many years experience and many successful projects.

We believe that successful project management comes through mixing effective planning, cost and time scale controls with an active involvement with the development process.

Experience has shown that most embedded projects go wrong because mistakes are made in three key areas:

  • The impact of changes in requirements aren't understood.
  • Designs aren't reviewed and updated as the project progresses.
  • Testing strategies fail to addrss regression issues.

At DeDf we aim to limit avoid these problems by:

  • Providing a complete planning framework for the project - from inception to completion
  • Applying the most advanced development tools and techniques to real-time systems development

Developing embedded systems requires a particular skills mix. Successful projects need to maintain an active link between the hardware and the software elements of the design.

  • To meet the performance requirements using limited processing resources
  • To minimize product costs by moving functionality out of the hardware and into the software.

DeDf can provide a full development lifecycle - from feasibility study to customer acceptance - or a package of elements tailored to the needs of a specific project.

Offshore Management Services

Many companies are keen to exploit the advantages of offshore development but recognize, correctly, that establishing the communications links (human and IT) will consume valuable time and effort - particularly on their first project.

DeDf offers the solution - we can provide UK based project management of offshore development teams.

Though our associate company in Bangalore we are able to offer cost effective development services for embedded, automotive and similar real time software development.

Our service is designed to provide:

  • The levels of response and service you would expect from the company next door
  • The antithesis of the body-shop. We provide a full technical, hands on project management.

Communication is the key to the DeDf service.

Communication with the outsource developer focuses on:

  • Ensuring they have all the information about priorities and deadlines they need to ensure the right work is done by the right dates.

Communication with the client company focuses on:

  • Ensuring they have all the information they need on progress and the inevitable problems.

Our comprehensive project management service ensures you have comprehensive local management - technical, time scales and budget.

Our experience means that we can set up large project teams quickly sourcing the optimum skills mix for each individual project. Our customers can access the precise skills mix their projects require whilst achieving significant cost savings on development costs.

By providing local project management we can overcome communications and time zone difference whilst maximizing the cost savings available from offshore development teams.

We manage all aspects of the development so that a customer appears to be dealing with a local development team. Feedback, progress monitoring, reporting are all aligned to the customers local requirements.

DeDf's approach allows our customers to get the best of both worlds - they are able to reap the cost saving available with offshore development teams without the inconvenience and risks normally associated with offshore development.


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